What is that move that jumboid has that does massive damage and hits all three arks? Also what type is he ? Because the times I’ve faced him on PvP he seems a bit too overpowered

Umm phase I think u have been playing with hackers. JumboId is unreleased and no one should have him, except beta testers(who shouldn’t be pvping).

But I do know that jumbo I’d is ground and has army smash(?) that does amazing AoE damage

Well, we can PVP, just not the arks that haven’t been released

I played someone who has jumboid , cryowyrm , hydra blazer , golgemios, guardiron , that move jumboid has does good amount of damage , will they be future OM. ?

That’s someone we’re trying to deal with at the moment. It’s almost certainly one of the past beta testers gone rogue. 

They are future OMs that betas had access to because they needed to be tested to prevent warping of PVP. This guy has gone rogue and will be dealt with

Oh I see , he wasn’t all that good with them , didn’t seem like he didn’t knew how to properly use them

Yeah, so we’ve heard

If I ever face that guy I’m going to stun his arks crazily

Are we talking about that dude with the scary hydrablazer? or has that ark been released?

Yeah we r talking about the hacker dude

the sucky one?

(excuse my language)

Sucky isn’t a bad word so we won’t get you for that one

And yeah, that guy.