Recently my friend finished Bond quest up to level 80, He got what he wanted ’ THE ICON '.
He is so proud telling me that he got new icon. And after i check, WTH. The icon is SAME LIKE OLD ICON.
Seriously. It’s Unfair.
Luckily he did’nt have the old icon. But what if someone has the old icon AND got same icon again ? IT’S UNFAIR
p.s. Level 80 Bond quest is really hard to get because the buff. :rage:



It’s not THAT bad of an issue, some monsters (Prismaryx) don’t even have a Monster Bond to get an icon.

Plus, Scorpiogeist is way more popular than Megaiasloth, so the 2nd emoji is more than warranted


All old legendary/mythic monster icons have all been repurposed as bond quest reward, and some monster got an extra one in the deal. Nothing wrong with that.

Plus if your friend is happy that’s all that matters.


It should have all new ICON. I guess after this no one play Bond quest up to level 80. Cos it’s gambling. And it’s that hard to make new icon? Ssh

You are not the only one, the same thing happened to me when I spoke to support :sleepy:

…We thank you for contacting us.

Please note that the monster icons awarded from the bond quests are the same as before, hence you will not receive any new icons if you already have the particular monster icon.

We thank you for your understanding… :sob:

Ssh Dev didn’t tell that on notification or ‘description’ . :pensive: So no chance for new player got new icon beside old one ? Such a Shame :pensive:

Bro there was no need to contact support, the devs literally told us in game when introducing bond quests.

@obi read above mate


So The new icon only for the one who had the old one before right? Is that fair?



I really did not see that detail and it was a disappointment when it happened, I do not understand the fact of “giving you an icon” that you already have … It was an illusion that I received it and not being able to enjoy it haha

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How is this related to gambling? Did you perhaps mean something else?

Certainly it’s not an automatic process, you have to hire a freelance artist to do it for you.

Because I think ALL MONSTERS HAVE NEW ICON. Scorpio is the proof. So Because Scorpio is popular he got new icon ? Amazing

All old legendary and mythic monster icons are now bond quest rewards. Additionally a lot of new icons have been added, and a few monster even got 2 icons, like Azieda and Scorpiogeist, regardless of whether they already had an icon or not.

Yes. He got an icon because he’s popular. If many love Scorpiogeist, the Devs are gonna do something extra when it comes to him.

Tyrfina, Azida and Persephia both got their unique icon too. That’s because they’re waifus. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it’s not unreasonable and is probably the wisest choice, management-wise.

It’s gambling because we don’t know WHICH MONSTERS HAVE THE NEW ICON. Ssh

If they didn’t have an icon before, they’re going to have a new one. Or 2.

In some cases even monsters that already had one also got a second, new icon. I see it as a nice surprise though, I mean it’s not like they’re charging you for it, so don’t be so negative.

Yeah it’s lesson right. Don’t ever play up to level 80.

You got rewards along the way, isn’t that good enough?

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Ah ok, I get it. Yeah it’d be cooler if perhaps instead of “ICON” it had “ICON ×2” written on the rewards. So we could understand better.