A suggestion for band quest icons

Hi … nice to finally be here :blush:
so I wanted to ask if is there any possibility to lower the level we can get any monster’s icon in bond quest?
80 is soooo much :sweat_smile:
maybe 40 or 50 is better
I would be thankful if you say your opinion too :smiley:
have a nice day :wink:

Oh hey sanji

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First of all. Welcome to the forum at last noob
Second of all. people are getting annoyed by ur fl so u better change dat.
third of all. no, keep them at 80 or increase to 90. better watch the people suffer

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Lmao it doesn’t make any sense if only discord people message here

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Wait are you gentle?

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I like dogs

Well I like grinding for icons but making it 40or50 would be way too easy :sweat_smile:

yes…i agree with you…they should reduce level for icon or reduce ticket consumption for each battle

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I am with you I can’t play bond quest it’s like 2-3 times

I like em too
Way better than cats I’ll tell ya

Ya cats are not even loyal

I like cats more than dogs :sweat_smile:
Just my personal preference

You shall be executed

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Over ur dead body :slight_smile:

Bond Quest Not Band :v .

40 or 50 would be super easy and take barely any time. It’s nice having to put a bit of effort in to get the icons. Level 80 isn’t that hard and there are enough gaps between events to get enough tickets. Level 80 is 8 days of tickets, really not much in the grand scheme of things.

What’s a band quest? Do we get to hear music from the game?


Huskiegon says hi

Lol no its bond quest

LOL! :smiley:
sry it was a mistake
i meant bond quest :sweat_smile: