Is this suppose to happen

I was in the rookie league. Won 3 in a row now im in veteran. Im pretty sure i missed some leagues lol. Havent played pvp much due to it constantly giving me losses when i actually win.


It goes


So basically it glitched and i jumped straight to vet lol. Hopefully i get kicked back down im not ready for vet loo

Im actually not doing bad in vet lol. Ive made a few rage quit and have won a few using showdown as my last resort lol

No, it didn’t glitch

That’s literally the transition

3 wins, you move up

3 losses, you move down

Get it

I didnt move up one league i moved from 1 star to 5 star without anything in the middle
Also i thought new cards not released werent suppose to be used until they were released. Was just against someone using gearwolf. And tbh the guy had no clue. I shudnt have beaten him so easily
Oh wait misread lol sorry

Ur the second one to say u fought a gearwolf … What is pretty strange but maybe he is a hacker or a beta tester