Is this cheating?

That is cheating. There is no way one can get an omegamid without exp.

I’ve also seen many players having fully ultra evolved monsters at level 1.
If you look at their speed status you will find out that it has not given full training, and still they Ulta evolved.

Seems legit

That’s the only legend that doesn’t need omegamid to evolve, but getting luxmid at level 1 is unbelievable.

Nuke those accounts plz @Ryan

you can’t cause pyramids require 30 tickets minimum and you only have 5 tickets at lvl 1

Pyramids are also rewards of dungeon, but 1. they are all water ones rather than light ones; 2. 10 tickets are required to enter.

seraphael event reward luxmid but it cost 8 tickets

this account could also be a person who is testing the game for the devs

I’ve seen someone’s legendary with the same stats for speed, I was like WTH xD Now I know how he/she did it!

I’ve seen it too. Not sure why I never bothered to question it.

Seeing as I decided to stop running assisted thunder I thought I would share this as I haven’t seen anyone else use it besides me. There’s a monster called sparkgeist that is thunder. It has enrage teammate so you can make a monster do even more damage and it has 7 speed aswell so it goes before your assisted thunder monsters.

Can a mod please clean up all the spam? Thanks.

how bout this player?

i forgot to screenshot the MAX Stats. all are at Max already.

Edit: Didn’t notice the level. Yes, that user used a modified apk for sure.

this is normal if u train a monster to max but haven’t ultra-evlove it

The guy is rank 2 so he can’t get fruits.

he can if he manage to win in any event

if he wins in any event, how come he or she is still Hero Rank #2

and also the Ticket is still very low at that Rank.