Is my team good for pvp??

I just want to ask if my team is good to get an ocarino either by 22000 rp or 50 wins??

In the Front Line you mix sleep with poison which is a bad idea because poison makes enemy wake up.Also to get these rewards only playing many games can get you there even having a bad team playing enough games to get rewards .

If forced to green and red can actually work together, but it’s best to just not take the chance that poison gas will hit the wrong monster. I’d replace one of them with pink or purple if you have them.

It will take many many matches but you can probably make it if you have the guts. I’d replace godfeather on last spot with Astrogolem. And also did you know Astrogolem and Barkmail (Timberlord) combine fantastically together? Evolve Barkmail and you’ll see!

Thank you for the help ill try to evolve barkmail to timber and maybe ill put the red fd to the middle part

Ty for the comments and suggestions

Best team ive seen in a while you could reach rank 1 with that.

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Not sure about that my only goal to get 1 of the ocarino and some gems and I need to adjust my line up too but thank you for telling me that my team is good

You are not at 206 cost, for your level the team is amazing.

Thank you :blush::blush::blush: