is it possible to speedrun neomon?

is it possible to speedrun neomon?

I guess? Not the best game to speedrun though

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If you want to spend 15k$ then you can awaken 30 myths in 2 months with no issues.

Speedrun to hr 300 that would be an achivment :melting_face:

If you’re ready to spend lotta money, then yes

maybe 12/13, each mythical costs around 1000 dollars :joy:

From my experience it’s around 600$ on average, but some can take twice as much.


You’ve spent 600$ awakening monsters in the game?

risu cost me about $700, more or less yes, although I think it is the minimum so my average cost could be about $800/900 What is the most you have spent?

Dude, what are you doing for work? Are you hiring? Haha

Friend, I spend a lot of money but ask @Coltraz , he may spend a lot more than me :joy:

Now that I remember, in addition to those $700 in risu I had about 400 paid gems, so it was really more expensive, and that there was an offer of paid gems, you only had to pay 30 paid gems per pack, which means that in the end I cost oned $900, 4 fragments of risu and 1 fragment of lucifelle, 1 of asmodia and another fragment of michangelion (I had bad luck) I was completely desperate