Is Akatsuki good for burn team?

I want to buy a Burn team. Here is my current team

I wonder should I spend Soul Stones to get this Akatsuki guy? There is currently an event about this hero.

No she isn’t very good. Better get yourself hibiki or saya

Thank you. I’ve just checked Hibiki and Saya. Currently i really need the Burn Drive skill (Saya has it but I can’t get her at the momment). I think I will get Akatsuki right now and Hibiki in the future maybe.
My current team isn’t perfect, my plan is keep Kisara and replace other characters one by one in the future

I have akatsuki and she is not very good. On top you can get her always from every banner as she isn’t limited

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Akatsuki definitely doesn’t have the same power as other burn characters. Like Moking said, it’s also standard pool so you should just wait until you randomly hatch it at some point

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Ok thank you all, I will wait for another Burn character like Saya and Hibiki then.
May I ask besides Kisara (I currently have), what other 3 SSR characters should I aim for for a Burn team?