Invalid Monster in team

I cant play online mission when i put kunomi on my team.Is there anyway to fix this?kunomi plays a vital role in my teamfight

Its under rule you may only use 1 mythic in your team

Not just in pvp like literally the whole online section

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Then it seems like a hacked monster :upside_down_face: something is atleast wrong with her

i got it from neo ticket

Then idk man ask the dev

who dev

@ dev vkc
Ping him with ur friend Iā€™d (8dig)

@Dev_VKC 47336798

like this?


apparently this issue started after evolving these two monster

This happened to me too , developers resolved it. I think it happens due to switching account from one device to another when save data is not loaded properly

so i guess its up to devs to fix this

They were helpful in resolving it