He any one has instagram ? If so comment yours down or add me :slight_smile:

MrFitBenn_ < - /( oxAmbivalenz )

I hae one but barely use it im all facebook XD infact i forgot mine

Lol darn that sucks , well I guess u can add my facebook :slight_smile:

I Also hate instagram haha, whats the point of haring this?

Why you hate instgram lol …

Whats the point of taking pictures Every day ?

You dnt need too

If u dont then u dont belong in the ‘instragram groupies’

Why do you need to take picture every day? One word: Photographer.

Or at least an avid photographer hobbyist, anyway. Really, Instagram isn’t entirely made up of people who post pictures of themselves twenty times a day. Not to say that’s bad, because it’s actually good in my opinion, but saying all Instagram users have to take pictures every day or post a lot or whatever isn’t exactly… not generalizing.

I quit this profile, though, so there won’t be anything else on there. But I am considering opening another one, for the sole purpose of posting bird pics.

Where’s pita?! They should make a bird blog and fill it up with their awesome bird pics. I’d like every single one of them.

Pictures of birds… ofcourse thats beautiful for u eh?

Pretty much, yeah. I bookmark bird photography blogs on Tumblr. Haha! I have yet to see an IG bird blog, though…

I just seen yin and yan those cute chicks

I KNOW RIGHT. They are such sweeties!

dylyarbs -instagram

Followed u .

Sad thing is : I just downloaded instagram and I dont know how but I got alot of followers already and didn’t posted a single picture:P

I think its going to take long before I actually post a picture because im not the kind of guy that makes pictures every day…

For fact the latest picture I ever made of myself or made by others of me is from 6 oktober:P haha so yeah 

P.S. Im not going to put my instagram name here or follow some of u because of private matters ( Hope u can understand that. )

Its fine jean i understand

Mine is Bgibbons101230

I laughed so hard at this

Psst, let me tell you a secret:

I wouldn’t want to. :stuck_out_tongue: