In game chat and guilds why not ???

Im new but wonder why there is no in-game chat or guilds… would make game better

We all want in game clans mate. It would make it so much cooler. But still, clans and all are in the line chat

Everyone wants these features but im sure it takes alot of work to implement. With all the bugs fixes and new content coming Its probably something that would be at the bottom of the to-do list.

Imho not necessary because you are playing anyway 99% of the time Solo. Everything else can be shared throughout 3rd party apps like LINE or discord

Well ive played a few solo player games that have clan systems and competitions. Basically each player in the clan competes alone in the event but their scores total up and depending where the clan ranks at the end determines their rewards. There could also be clan room feature that has clan chats and possibly clan challenges/rival competitions and such. Each clan would be limited in positions. Ive seen many games implement this with success but it is something that requires well thoughtout design and functions. Its alot of work id assume so i doubt its something that would happen in this game atleast in the near future.