In desperate need of help

So i am stuck on episode 23, it seems dang near impossible. to beat him.

he is littered with poisons and stuns, and ridocolous garbage buffs devs did.

no idea what else to do


legends: the Godfeather,


super-epics: pegasion, pyrowyrm, triphoon, mossgoliath,captain whiskers,blossomight, sanguinymph, arkwing,dinoraider, pyroviper, plumane, komaguard, inuguard, elekat, lunadrake, thundrake, subzeratops, tezladrake, vulcaraptor, oniscar, snowfiend, spinoraptor, malhare, revan, chronox, lunascend, acolight, flaredon,mechadino.


Epics: blastshell, wolfrozen, spitegrin, frostknight, stratowyrm, mastobone, stegotops, moltasmus, osiriswyrm, volcawolf, viridinychus, sanctoise, shivotra, elmoburn, blurkite, galvboss, redkong, grypheon, firemane, bloodblade, plasmorex, glazio, metallodious, goldius, desiosaur, dunkleon, velohound, nilox, giravine, seabark, octovine, ironheart, magmahorn, frillzeon, megarex, pandogreen, frostiger

Also i have rhynobrawl, and the puff fish, and some other miscellaneous monsters.

I have to say… you’re pushing really far through the episodes considering how new you are to the game. As a new player I pretty much went as far as I could until it got difficult then took the easy route of waiting until I got better monsters! Respect to you for trying to see how far you can push your team.

thanks, @Killerdog i really haven’t spent a ton of money either. I just know i could beat the guy, if i had like a banedragon or something. Its really trying to beat all that without certain monsters.