imagine if i made legendary E.D.s called E.W.s (elfin wyrms.)

you read it.




I’m looking forward to it.

I’m glad artists are dedicating their time and energy to Neo Monsters :pray::pray: :pray: we saw monsters before that were based on fanart like Doomgoo and Abyssclaw, so it’s really worth it. Even VKC showed his interest, one more reason to go for it :muscle:

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But what if they were called Celestial Dragons?

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Then they’d be C.Ds

CD’s Nuts


Bold of you to assume I can read.

go to literature class then

i wont do art,but i will make movesets for them,my apologies if i disappointed you.

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@GaleKnees Please don’t make a new thread for each of these monster designs. I’ve moved them all here.

I took a look at all the monsters… they look completely insane. So they have ridiculous defence and attack, piercing moves at efficient TU, immunities and/or attack at rapid speed. There is no way other monsters could compete with these.

Just consider the entrances for a second… you can elfin rally to bring them in and out to get the entrance multiple times. Here we have 20TU elfin rally which is actually more like 17TU (or lower with acceleration) so you could have two C.D.s focusing on the move to alternate between two other C.D.s entrances, getting them both every 17s. Doing that on either the fire or storm ones means putting the enemies onto infinite seconds. One step down from that (assuming it gets fixed) is doing the earth one for full heal+purify every 17s.

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Yea best one fr me is entire CW

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How about making the E.D. field percentage divided by the number of E.D. on battlefield?
Ex. If there’s only 1 C.D. on the battlefield, its percentage would be 100%. But if there’s another C.D. on battlefield, it would divided its percentage to 50%.

that’s actually a really good idea,thank you for the suggestion.