I want to know the opinion of the community (serious topic)

I communicated with the support of Neo Monsters, asking for the reward of the previous Pvp, when I saw that they removed the illegal users (they were removed from the UC), I entered the TOP 50 ranking. Because of an error (I guess it was my bad English), they gave me again the recompesas of the TOP 51 - 100.

And the final answer I had was this (textual):

We apologize for the delayed response.
According to our records, in the previous PvP event, your rank is actually 51.
The reason it shows 50 on the screenshot you have provided is due to the fact that we removed some users who have violated our terms of service in a later event, and not during that PvP event. Therefore you have received the correct ranking rewards for this particular PvP event.
From now, we will try our best to avoid displaying the rankings after giving out the rewards or removing users.
We sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.

and responded in this way:

Ok, the only thing I understand with what you explain to me is that a legal user is harmed, I thought they were going to understand my situation, because I was damaged by the illegal users and on top of that you give them support? I’m going to ask the Neo Monsters community what they think about it, because the truth is, I do not understand you.
I apologize if I offend in any way, but my native language is not English and I am very angry about the situation.
Best regards

I want to know the opinion of the community, I understand that what explains the support of Neo, but I can not understand how they do not support the legal community.
@Killerdog would you give me your opinion about it? Whenever I read your posts I feel comfortable, maybe you can help me understand the situation better, thank you very much and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards


It’s seems like the users they deleted didn’t actually cheat during that event. They cheated during a later event. Therefore your ranking for that event is fair and you got the rewards you deserved.

“we removed some users who have violated our terms of service in a later event, and not during that PvP event.”

UC was running during the last pvp event hence the reason why they were removed later after the rewards were given out for pvp and they were finalising the results for UC.

How can I know if they cheated or not during PvP? I think if they were taken out for something it was, and why did they release the results in the PvP table? just for a legal user to see them and be angry about it? I appreciate the answer

I understand that perfectly, but if they were taken out it was for something … maybe they did not run the hack detector in the pvp…

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Usually people with hacked monsters or apps cannot participate in pvp so thats why they do manuap checks in UC take out hackers

There was this one guy 2 pvp’s ago named midna. The user was top 1 in pvp and like top 10 in uc. They didn’t touch the user until UC was done and after that the user was removed from both pvp and uc leaderboard

Thank you all for the answers, I’m angry that there are illegal users, I felt that they gave priority to them, but I understand how you say you should not apply in PvP.

This seems pretty unfortunate but I can see why support said what they did. What I would have done is tried to bargain with support, saying that if I deleted the Goldoid would they be able to grant me the Diamonoid instead… because technically if there hadn’t been the cheater playing the game I would have been 50th in PvP.

I very much doubt they would grant you the Diamonoid while you still own the Goldoid, but they might do if you delete your Goldoid. However, they wouldn’t necessarily do this and definitely don’t delete your Goldoid unless they say they’ll give you the Diamonoid!

I would give my 2 Goldoid!! I must be one of the few who has 2 of them :joy:


Thanks for your comments, I will see what they say in the support. Thanks again!