i stubbed my toe now answer my question plis

Over the weekend, I stubbed my toe by accidentally kicking a wall really hard. It got bruised a bit and hurt for several days. In that time period, I managed to stub the exact same toe two more times. The second time was on a humidifier in the middle of my room, and the third time was on the floor.

What was the worst you’ve ever stubbed your toe? For me, it was a bit over a year ago when I stubbed my toe on some stairs while wearing flip flops, and my nail peeled back.

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I chopped my thumb one time. have a huge scar. I saw my bone that day :slight_smile:

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Same here, don’t cut towards yourself

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That sounds like it hurt

Necroing this post to say: OMG SO MUCH THIS

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Not quite a stubbing but one time I was cooking myself a pizza and got out my big stone pizza “tray”. It’s a circular slab of stone which weighs a few kilos. As I got it out the box I dropped it… right down onto my toe. Falling a metre and the fact it’s circular meant it connected at just that single point on my toe. It hurt so damn much! I screamed out then went to go curl up on a sofa, clutching my foot and quietly crying to myself. The saddest thing was I was home alone so I felt pathetic crying when nobody was around to give sympathy. Needless to say, it bruised pretty badly! Luckily it didn’t quite break. I’ve broken toes many times before in martial arts but that was 10+ years ago so I don’t remember those particularly well.


You give me some wuxia vibe

Wuxia is just Chinese cloak and dagger. Free to change my mind

Apparently you break a toe 5 times a year from stubbing

I’ll take that as 4. The Ducks of this world push up the average


Read some Chinese and Korean mangas

Did you know that the vast majority of ducks in the world have an above-average number of feet?

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today marks the ninth time ive stubbed one of my toes in the past two weeks i need help my foot hurts

have you considered chopping off your toes to avoid any future stubbings?


my parents keep telling me to wear slippers but i dont wanna

I’m not your parent and I request you to wear slippers. Will that do?