I just got slaughtered in a Neo Monsters PvP match because of my unwillingness to cut my fingernails more than once every three weeks. Care to share some of the weirdest ways you've lost?

So just now, I lost a Neo Monsters PvP match after I accidentally skipped my turn with Focalforce instead of using give turn on Freezecobra, which had been stunned to +600secs. This misclick was due to my deciding to use my middle finger instead of my index finger to play Neo Monsters PvP.

I chose to use my middle finger over my index finger because my index finger had a band-aid on it from when I cut it earlier today while unboxing a Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS calculator that I bought for a Calculus III course that I am taking at a local college.

Because I did not cut my fingernails in over three weeks, an edge of the cardboard packaging that contained my Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS calculator slid under my fingernail to inflict a mildly obnoxious, gaping wound on my finger; therefore, I can confidently state that I lost a Neo Monsters PvP match due to my unwillingness to cut my fingernails more than once every three weeks.

What is the weirdest reason that you lost a Neo Monsters PvP match?
Yes, I’m sure some of you will say, “I’m not an idiot like Duck,” but in that case, can you at least share a weird story that does not have to be related to Neo Monsters?


Well, once I was playing two games at the same time, both PvPs that use 70% of my brain cells. I made some “small” mistakes, such as:

1 - With Shurikaizer, I used Poison Eater instead of Sneak Attack, to kill a charged Deodragon, but I forgot the Skeleviathan on the field. Shurikaizer took the rest of Skele’s HP and got turned into a Rockoid;

2 - Without noticing Shuri’s death, I tried to use Solariel to give him a turn, as a compensation for that big mistake. Well, I gave the turn to a rockoid;

3 - Later on that battle… I had to face a poison endgame, my Utopion was poisoned, but with overwatch. It was on the field for a loong time, its megabomb was charged. When Scorpio used double poison eater and Utopion was on HG, I had the only chance to use the final blow skill, but I misclicked and skipped the turn. (Utopion: ugh, you’re really dumb.);

Even with this, I started another battle, on both games.
It was worse.

1 - Slayerbane All with Prismaryx, while the four enemy monsters were in stealth;

2 - “Heh, I won’t do such a dumb move again” Bundam, 300sec Novablast, enemies on stealth;

3 - “Tenebris, I hate you.” Mojimojiha Z.
Yes, the four enemy monsters were on stealth.


When I first started back pvp a few days ago, I was making a lot of silly mistakes but some of them didn’t make me lose the game.

I don’t have any stories of losing due to outside interference, unless I was busy atm and gave up the game.
I gave the game up to kd once when I saw him with only rockoids, I imagined him being surprised as hell.

For a weird story, sadly it’s related to neoMonsters tho:

When the last rune dragon banner was out, I was always rolling singles to get him, because I wanted to play yugioh.
The only 40 gems that I had, I rolled for him but only got Lord Valsaregin, dk how to spell him.

I kept rolling singles, 2 singles, 1 singles and so and didnt get him.

One night I went to bed and I was dreaming that I hatched him and was training him up so I can evolve him and unlock his ss, polymerization. While I was leveling him up, I woke up.
AnD realized it was just a dream, ._.

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