Duck Tales v2

This is completely random but one time I wasn’t looking where I was running and I ran into a wall at full force and I sprained my arm and had to wear it in a sling for a week.

Edit: oh wait I forgot to mention a week passed before I got the sling so I was just going about my week with a sprained arm and it didn’t really bother me that much (until the x-ray ofc)

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I’m gonna sleep now my eyes hurt

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Shocking! duck actually has arms!!!


Last night I knocked over a whole glass of water on my desk. Luckily no tech got damaged but it all went underneath my TV (an old, bulky 42 inch thing). I had to pull it out and tilt it over to towel underneath. It was way too heavy to hold tilted with one hand so I had to jam my fist under it. After finishing my hands were so red, sore and my left hand was bleeding.

It all happened because I was writing a message to Duck on my phone while walking over to my desk and the light was off. Be careful guys, he’s a bad influence!