I can't Restore my Account

I was playing normally, but by mistake I closed the application forcibly, then when I open it again, the application opened from the beginning, as if I had deleted the data, then when I try to restore my data with my restore code the game it stops at the loading screen and never restores the account.

I am desesperante. Please help me.

Please some dev help me and tell me what can I do, I wrote to the support mail everyday for 2 days in a row and no answer.

This is the problem, it never restores my account.

You have to be patient, they will help it just takes a bit of time.

Try reinstalling the game

I hope that can be resolved today, I am desesperated.

I tried and nothing.

No answer. Please help.

I have the same problem, hoping for help too

Dos you recive answer?


Our support team is currently going through all of the support cases sent to us over the holiday, and we hope to resolve the majority of them today.

Thank you for your patience.


Welcome back BRD , it feels like forever even though it’s just been a while I saw your posts… Had a nice vacation ?

The support team answer me, but 1 hour ago and no reply to me again, I hope I can get my account before 2am to try to get Dolph :frowning:

I was sick for half of it and watched a lot of netflix if that counts as a vacation :thinking:

Aw that sux. It doesn’t count as a vacation :sweat::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Atleast u r doing fine now… :wink:

I got my account, I hope @Beat_Kirchmann can get his account too.
Thanks support team. I am very happy.

I have the SAME exact issue as you. How do I contact support???

Here you have the mail

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Thank you :pray:! How did it take for them to respond and fix it for you?

Like 1 week, because they were in vacations, but they are back now and they will fixed it for you as soon as possible, don’t worry about it.

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