Hunter island continuation

Will there be more to do on Hunter island? I’ve beat the game and every side/main quests and everything else. Love the game, so I was hoping there would be more added onto it

The continuation is, in some sense, the new game: Monster Island. It’s a continuation mainly only in the sense that Hunter Island’s monsters will be available in it (although you can only bring three over), on top of a collection of brand new monsters. 

As Ashley said Monster Island: Dragon Trainer will technically be a sequel, and I wouldn’t stress about who you bring over as you can catch every ark from Hi in the wild on MI

This is the first time I heard about this “Monster Island”. When this game is being released?

Does it mean they’re closing Hunter Island? I hope not! I really like this game and spent soooo many hours playing it.

It’s at the top of the forum…

No release date is set because the beta hasn’t happened yet

And no, they’re not but most players will be transitioning over to MI

I dont know why I haven’t noticed it sooner… It really is at the top of the Forum, heh.

I’ll probably move on to MI too, I guess. But I’m happy they’re not closing HI.

Sorry for taking your time and thank you very much for the reply. :)