HP Boost - The truth behind it

Well Hazuki had this weird bug were she got +1000 when a boosted Monster killed her, she got buffed when a buffed monster killer her, and she shine when a full bq monster killed her, but they fixed it sadly, was kinda a good thing on her the fact that she could copy the monster that killed her , could even be a great passive

I won’t be crying about Kunomi keeping her shiny name :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

I’m still below 30 boost token thingies XD

Me at 11

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Between chronozillion and delugazar, which monster would you boost and why?

Neither, there are much better options out there. KD made a great video on it a while back

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Chronozillion because it has hold ground… But like Gmagic said, both are bad options because they have quite low defense.

Monsters that have very high defense or a defensive passive will benefit the most from HP boost. For example Onyxia is a good option: it has max defense so it’s already harder to one shot and its purpose is to stay alive for as long as possible so it’s a significant boost to its functionality.


Here’s my ranking of all the mythics for HP boost. I’ll be adding it (and the other info from the last video) into a forum guide, coming out soon!

I’ll also be doing a video for legendaries quite soon. Planned to have it done a couple of weeks ago but work got busy.


thank you for the help friends ^^

auto battle is OP

You might as well just favourite everything at this point :joy:

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Justice for shodeknigh

Well, I make sure to favorite the mythics I’ve used in team that I’m proud of as long as they don’t have bad designs. Asmodia is an exception because it’s just so fun to use and satomi/wilhelmina are pushing it but I use them too often to not favorite them

never seen you using rode

Back in June last year, I got 2nd place using a titan retribution setup with chodeknight in 6th slot to setup malwing. This was before malwing got nerfed and everyone started running jocodragon


exciting sounds

Lucifelle is getting boosted, right?

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she is, as soon as the last ore I need comes out I’ll go for it(29th June 2023 at 8:00PM east timezone)

Do plume.