How to use the move Doom?

This has troubled me for very long, how do U USE THE MOVE DOOM?

First, have a monster that can use it. Then you tap on it and then on the enemy you want to use it on (or do the swipe). 

Moved to FAQ section. “Where’s that Monster” is for asking for the location of a monster. This post does not do that.

Are you asking how to you cast Doom?  Or how does Doom work?

If the latter, after the time units of Doom are up, and your Arkadion that cast Doom is still alive, the enemy Arkadion you cast Doom on will die.

And after 350 tu passed, the monster instantly dies, however usually in 350 tu, is more than enough to kill any monster

Unfortunately and first ones and all powerful monsters usually kill the caster before it can work.

Ok thks

does it work if u use some kind of swap ability on the monster that castet doom so its going back in line?

i don’t think it works on first ones,  they are immune.  Thats why they can’t fall asleep.

Does the casting ark have to stay alive for the duration? Can this work on boss battles?

Yes, the ark has to be alive and nope, not the bosses

We fixed that in the beta

what if i use a pegasion to send the ark to the back of the lineup? would doom still be in effect?

Edit: doom does not work if it is sent back by pegasion.