How to get the tree monster

How do I get him? Thanks

Lots of people asking this!

  • You can get the 1st form from the Chapter 2 water dungeon in online missions.

  • You can get the 2nd form from the Chapter 3 storm dungeon in online missions.

Personally I’d go for the 1st form… probably easier to catch and the mission costs fewer tickets so repeating it is no trouble. However, either one works fine.

Make sure you use potions on Twigster before evolving it so it only takes epic potions!!
(Same goes for those other monsters that evolve into SEs - I’m going to re-catch mine to potion and evolve again)

While you are at it. Where can I catch the dark frog? I forgot to give him potions yesterday before evolving lol for some reason I remembered to do it with the tree.

All of this information can be found in KD's New Players Guide

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