How often will these banner come

Read above. I moved your post to this thread about it

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Thanks KD! Efficient like always! :blush:

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Happy cake day!!!

Mi humilde opinión sobre el Fortune Shrine 2 veces al mes está más que bien debido a que muchos usuarios no tienes la posibilidad de poder llegar a obtener muchas gemas que ( no son difíciles de conseguir pero no son fáciles tampoco ) llegar a pasar varios meses reuniendo gemas y llegar a un banner donde gastes tus gemas porque quieres lograr despertar al mítico del mismo y hacer 20 paquetes y lograr obtenerlo 1 vez :man_shrugging: porque muchos ni logran obtenerlos y muchos también en 10 paquetes sacan 4 veces en fin para mí y para muchos estaría bien ponerlo 2 veces al mes y especificar los días :pray::pray::pray: en fin MUCHAS GRACIAS Y SALUDOS A TODOS :muscle::fish:

(KD EDIT) English:
My humble opinion about the Fortune Shrine 2 times a month is more than good because many users do not have the possibility of being able to get many gems that (they are not difficult to obtain but they are not easy either) spend several months gathering gems and get to a banner where you spend your gems because you want to be able to wake up the mythical of it and make 20 packages and get it 1 time :man_shrugging: because many can’t even get them and many also get 4 times in 10 packages anyway for me and for many would be nice to put it twice a month and specify the days :pray::pray::pray: anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GREETINGS TO ALL :muscle::fish:

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Please use English on this forum.

Also, this thread was actually discussing something else, not the fortune shrine. You can see this is where the “Selection egg” got renamed to “Assorted egg” as well as some other bits clarified because they were not clear enough on release.

Please try to avoid necroing old threads, it can cause confusion for people. This thread is no longer relevant at all so I will close it.

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