How is tiamof ?

just start new game and got him on first leagendry egg … 

he is worth to start with ? cuz he seem pretty slow but very high atk…

im new btw

The autopoison is very useful. He’s a pretty good legendary, but not amazing. You could keep if you want or reroll, but the chances of legendaries are low enough Id just keep him. He’s somewhat bulky and shouldn’t be one-shotted by anything once you evolve him.

Considering the memorial day event, I’d probably reroll. I’d take my chances at trying to get aegis.

Your first egg is always a normal egg roll so any special monsters cannot be gotten on the first roll. Only 2nd and after

thanks for the comments guys… and what leagendry i should aimming for ?

can you give me names ? for the top 5 ±

There is a teir list stickied

Yeah but considering the time it takes to get to the first roll I got free gems until I could 3 festival spins. Had 4 rolls every hour

Use game accel, and do first spin till u get op legend.
Shadowyrm and tiamof is often popup at first spin.
From around 15 legend egg that from first spin, almost half i got tiamof second is shadowyrm.
Sometimes it tooks one full day without landing on single legendary egg.

You want a last biter. Penguini or dragaia. Can’t remember dragaia’s first evolve name

Golrock. And yes these are probably the best to roll for.

Although I have the experience that Tiamof is better for online missions. Penguini usually dies very quickly. 

If you don’t use him correctly yes. But there is no way tiamof is better. Stick penguini at the end and spam last bite. Kill the enemy with the least seconds left to its turn.

But without Tiamof, Penguini has to kill at least 10 opponents, as Tiamof is usually the only weapon you have to kill the other monsters. And Penguini is good, but it usually does not last THAT long. But might depend on which mission you’re in, I guess.

Not sure if you heard about the move Last Bite…

Here is what it does. Massive damage being last monster in the team, heals 40% of damage dealt, no overkill… using this move you can take on the Grand Champion, and even finish almost all of the online missions alone with just Penguini.

This thing doesn’t take down at least 10 monsters, it takes down whole teams with 16 monsters if used right and you have to know the knowledge of the enemy team.

Yes, I heard about it and I’ve used it. But again, it is good against 3-5 monsters, as long as no strong earth monster is among them. But Penguini is unable to make the whole fight alone in most online missions, while Tiamof can be used in each and every one and is able to beat them all. 

I don’t know if you were very lucky or if I were very unlucky with Penguini, but he usually dies within a few moves, even if he’s the last one, using Last Bite.

Lol, u just dont know how to use it properly,
It tooks me 2 days to take down offline chapter 100% with non maxed one.
Tiamof can do that ?
1x timestrike and get rekted

Edit : i take last officer red serpent with penguini, raijin, and stego.
And yes its doable with non maxed one

I’ve won the leaf boss fight of chapter six online with only God feather. So no, if there are strong earth monsters you won’t just lose against 3-5 monsters. Actually, the only teams that he can lose against are teams that are specially made to encounter last bite, like some levels at the Dungeon challenge…

Just gave it another try in Chapter 5, the earth missions and it failed. Once I had Penguini up (had to summon him when I still had another monster, right?), all attacks were focussed on it and when it was finally the last one, it was already too weakened by poison. I still think it’s a great monster, but not as good as everybody thinks here.

You really don’t know how to use it then,I’m surprised you don’t since it’s so easy and op,he is just vulnerable to poison,and if you don’t use it well and let it die from poison,well that’s your fault,but you simply can’t say it’s not good as everybody thinks because it is