How can i get more gold

I’ve done all the quest any tips to get more gold

You can get some in the arena each battle won is 50 gold also it has some gold as prizes

PVP has some gold rewards

Or you can go to the Infinite Dungeon and get a gold egg every 10 floors. n.n

Ive never gotten a go ld egg, and ive done 20 floors (havent really been trying) i thought thats what the boss battles were for, and if thats not what there for then what are they for?

hmm thanks Tiberius I was wondering what floors have gold eggs :slight_smile:

Or you can buy the gold

You get eggs after defeating the bosses that occur once every 10 or so floors.


Omg i hate them i made my way up to 27th floor and barely beat the boss battle with 4 arks left o.o
I really need to lvl up my lux, because he smashes destructors

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