How to get more gold?

So i beat the game and got omegawyrm and arkwing and i feel like their isnt much left to do in the game so ive devoted the rest of my time to get golden eggs and getting the super rare arkadians. Problem is that i only have 78 gold left and ive completed all the side mission and im stuck on the very last tournament battle. Is there a way that i can get more gold without paying because im poor. Maybe the guys in taverns give you them? And if you beat the tournament, can you go though it again to get more gold? And im not searching for an illegal way i just want to legit get more gold.  

Hi,the only way now is to buy gold, or the infinite dungeon gives you a boss battle on the 9th floor, then the 19th and so on ( basically one floor before you get the musical score which is every 10th floor, at least on the lower levels)

Aye, the Infinite Dungeon basically gives infinite golden eggs.

…but it gets harrrd. Trust me.

Or you can PVP and there is gold that you can get as a reward as you collect diamonds

You can start a new save file and devote it to getting the “super rare arkadions”, and play through the story another time. Hopefully you get better stuff from the gold eggs. :slight_smile: