Holy ways last battle

This battle seems unwinnable. No matter what I do and what I try, there are more monsters that take the places of the ones I kill, and I don’t even know where they’re coming from. I feel this battle is bugged or not made to be beaten, but here is a screenshot of my mythics and legendaries. If you have a strategy to share using them, please help.

You need to give us info on the team the Ai is using. Most of the experienced players would have long forgotten what the enemy lineup is. Not much we can help with if we dont know what youre facing.


4 myths and you can’t win :joy: do what the guy above suggested

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Can’t say specifics to that fight, but if you’re having issues it’s not the fight it’s your team.

  1. Why do you have 4 non-synergistic mythics in your frontline? That makes no sense.
  2. Oniblade at slot 15 makes no sense.
  3. Sheer lack of stun protection can hose you. I count a total of 0 stun counters, 1 stun absorber, 1 stun converter, 3 stun immunes in your entire team.
  4. Banedragon 7th makes no sense if you’re trying to pull any sort of link dark shenanigans.
  5. 3 monsters is not enough for a reliable link.
  6. Chronotitan unsupported.
  7. Nightlord has nothing to guarantee that it will get a full shocking entrance on the enemy team.
  8. You’re not winning any fight at all when terraghoul is going to eat through your own team at 50 seconds per move with no rockoid creating support. If there is one reason why you would be losing the fight, it’s going to be that one.

As an extension of 8, make sure you’re aware of what your monsters actually do. Aka, read their skills.

Those are just some of the issues that your team has.

Because they’re 4 mythics, makes full synergy for me

When higher star amounts make for more synergy for everything.

By that logic sakuralisk synergizes with oakthulhu

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That’s not actually my team, that was just so I could fit all my high star monsters onto one screenshot…

Typically people include their team in the team view place.

If you give out a list, use list view.

What team do you actually use?

No, sakura is 7 star, oak is 6. Oak and malwing on the other hand :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Oakthulhu and goldtail?

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For sure

Stop making fun of my team :sleepy: Oak and gold are beautiful together


hahaha.I often say to the novice that it is meaningless to pursue myth.

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Hes tryin to scare the enemy lineup with his mythicszzzz lmaaaaao :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I can’t remember that battle. I would try Nightlord in front of Nulltron and remove Banedragon. This is quick advice with 10 seconds of thought haha bane counters your Valzerign.

It does’t. Bane enters before

That’s true!

Deo, Katt are both randomly placed there with no support.
Bane has no synergy with anything in your team.
Snow myth has no support.
You’re not using whale at all, you should be using whale over any SE protector in your team.
The stun bomb has nothing before it to clear stun absorbers.
You’re not using every point of your team cost.

These are a few problems.

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Replace Bundam with Sanctistag
Replace the Se hippo with Apollo
Replace mythic with nightlord
Remove bane
Replace Se lightning protector with Whale
Put deo after valza

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