Skallrex evey one keeps saying Northern tip of Crescent Island but where’s that

Crescent Island is the very last island you go to. If you haven’t completed the storyline yet, finish it and it should guide you there.

If you already completed your storyline or unlocked Crescent Island, it’s… well, north. Just go to the right and walk north and it should take you to the northern tip.

Ok cool I got u where do u get the island name and is he hard to find

What do you mean by your first question?

And yes, he is supposed to be hard to find. :>

Where do u find out the islands named

Ah, I don’t know if it really states any where, but it’s in quest dialogue, so that’s how we know.

Ok got u one more ? what’s with the letter rank like S .
If I have a S monster one is that more powerful then the same monster but is is a C

You know those bonus attacks that pop up sometimes? Grades increase your chance of getting a bonus attack. S has 20%, A has 10%, and so on.

Grade does not affect stats at all, so it doesn’t make them “more powerful”

Ok we’ll that’s good to no thanks it helps out a lot

You’re welcome! I’m glad I helped. :slight_smile: