Help with IC, can't clear 120


I just recently got my account back, so I had to start the IC later than I would have, which puts at a bit of a disadvantage. I’m trying to at least clear 120, but I am stuck. I have cleared 115, but after about 15 attempts I can’t seem to clear 120. Here is what I have so far:







2 Demihorus





A bunch of lower star stuff, mostly sleep all/sleep bomb, couple of Duottero for dreamhunt, one stormfox is my only stun, two death revenge, bunch of protect, couple of give turn

What should I be building? What should I look for in the draft?

I’ve been trying to focus a sleep build, but the chance is so low that I never get anything to fall asleep unless I get poisoned and get a stun bomb off, but even then I lose more monsters than I kill.

I’m starting to think I might be better off trying to stun with Arma, Redkong, ?, ?, Blitzdragon, Leobolt

But I don’t know who would work best in front line and I don’t really have any heavy damage dealers/OHKers. 

You want redkong at the back unless it’s rexkong you have. If it has desperate strike and last stand then put him at the back and you can always stun bomb into him. Doing that could win you a match provided no absorbers etc

Ah, good point. I didn’t think of that. I was thinking about his death revenge. I’ll give it a shot. Only have one stun burst though, so I don’t know how effectively I can set it up.

I would try a frontline with armavolt, blur strike, vilegrin, and pterastorm. You’ll want to accelerate first and then protect. Try a sleep all with blur and if it works then dreamhunt with vile. If not, give turn back to blurstrike and use sacrifice. Then ptera can throw and hopefully get bloodcrave going. Have blitz next and then a stun bomb. You can timestrike and then Stepback and then you can stun bomb into blitz again. I would have redkong last but be careful you don’t throw him away.

A healer would be nice to heal up pterastorm or a risky heal. You also should have a your stun bomb in there. I would also look for another timestrike or give turn.

Nice! It worked! Pretty much exactly what you suggested. Thanks!

No problem, I would have hated to see you not get the event monster but being only one fight away. That’s the worst feeling.

Yeah, I was panicking a bit because I knew I only had a couple more chances. With your advice I won my next two fights and finished at 125. Thanks again