Dungeon challenge

I’ve played this probably over 50 times and I can’t beat this (insert bad word here). I’m trying to go the fast way with just using Dragaia but right when I get to the last floor it’s like this game programs it to piss me off. I grind through the floors and on the last one I get an auto protect with hold ground and shiva and also throw in a poison touch monster. Like w t f, anybody got any tips to help me out?

Don’t use dragaia?

I’ve used actual lineups as well, Dragaia was just the fastest way to get through. My lineups get wiped out pretty quickly in the higher levels.

The last floor is specifically designed to counter last biters, you best bet is basically any other decent line-up

This is what I used for the first 5 -floors (90- 95) then switch up my fainted beasts/pets / mons to finish last 3 floors

The key is soulstealer and Gallio dragon- stops the se sleep killers and protector killers - and the legendary killers get baited by your protector/obsorder

Then Soulstealer sleep all shuts them all down if your lucky

Gallio fastest AOE stunner /unlimited life flip/ hold ground - soulstealer with that lucky RNG sleep all/hold ground

Any stun obsorber with hold and one of the last biters to retreat into your stun chain - pretty much all I do

P.S. there are other ways - but this is mines and I’ve always beaten the dungeon challenge

Good luck

That would be amazing if I had any of the limited monsters you have. Most of my legendaries are the originals :confused:

I always beat it with this team:

FL: shadowhunter, stormloch, shiva, GF.
GF reatreat into shocker - which sent back into another shocker, which sent back into beaterbeast.

Shiva keeps everything alive, the sleepers heals and give shiva “hp ammo” to share, stun helps the sleep lock, GF is there because he is stun immue, and beaterbrast is for stun protection when you start the killing, and he has a lifeflip friend which is very helpfull. Most monsters in this strategy has HG, as its the best way to be in control of your team HP, especially with shiva.

This team has no limited legends, but require specific monsters. If you dont have them, learn the idea behind it and try build something similar.

Overall, dungeon require specific monsters to win. I tried this tactic before i hatched shiva (beaterbeast was FL), but got stuck on 90 floor. You cant always beat it, so no worries.

Dungeon is hard without shiva. Doable but a lot harder. I run oni gold tail aegis choc frontline for dungeon

I run Gallio ss protector frost into serapheon, but I reached 98 at best, if you get a tk u basically lose

You can try with different- but much sleep monsters.
If there comes a TK you maybe loose 1-2 sleep monsters, but Normaly not all. Pair it with a protector and the TK would attack the protector first.

I beat dungeon 90-100 with:
Shinobodragon (SE), Frostrider (SE) ,Guartotem (SE), Shadowhunter , Stormloch,

Next Monster In line but doesn’t meet the field are:
Metatherion, Goldtail, Aurodragon & Bovolcus

The monsters who died, cause of a full poison team:
Soulstealer, Utopion, Aegis, Shiva & Drakozord

The Strategy:
Frostrider use 1vs1 then switch place and Shinobodragon comes in, after that shinobidragon use step back - guardtotem comes in.

And now you have time. It is important, because Guartotem can heal you monsters and 1 of your sleep monsters is only there to bring the opponent to sleep and meanwhile the other sleeper starts with dreamhunt

If you want the super cheap version, then put a bunch of desperate double monsters and get them to red health. You can then use balancion to keep them on red but take them off hg

Does that work also on floor 90-100?

Nope, not even nightrider. Great for until 90

Tbh even 90 is a struggle, they nerfed the damage quite a bit so it’ll get you to about 60 ish before you start having problems. It’s so fragile that one awkward monster will break it apart, bit if you’re low on legends it’s the best team to use