Help with catching noxar

How to catch noxar and other super epic monsters
Whenever I try the result is always a failure any suggestions please

There’s YouTube videos on the exact locations of the rare monsters. As for catching them, you just have to knock their health as low as possible and throw a card. Can take several hours or several minutes for Noxar. Just keep trying

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Sometimes it takes 1 try, sometimes 30 etc. Try to get their HP to critical with low damage attacks such as poison touch.

yes noxar biggest chance to capture is 21 % so it might take lots of tries

the biggest chance is 26%


you’re welcome

Whats the chance of finding him each time?

@DMGBonanoe is right.

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but did you catch it?

I think he already has it and just wanted to show us the probability of catching it.



You are right again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s pure luck to catch him. If you go purely by the odds, it should take 5 tries to get him.

I found one with 26% one year ago

The super epic ones have slightly higher rates. Noxar is legendary and his rate has always been like that since he was added to the map.

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dude, i dunno

Well I know.

If i catch multiple noxdragons and fully evolve them would they merge and become a +1?? Like using a potion

Nope. I’ve tried it.