Help me out please

I just started playing 2 weeks ago. Any team building and strategy help would be greatly appreciated!image image image image

Off course you need to train your monsters more. In my opinion you should change spot 7 (The Toxic-Horse) with the Black Sheep (not in your team). It’s a stun absorber which you really need. The starter monster should be at the end of your team (change it with the last monster). In Addition i would play the 400sec Dragon a little bit further or replace it with another sleep-mon (Probably the owl).

That’s just my opinion… i guess there are a lot more people to give better tips.

How come you have three legendary already?

3 legendaries in 2 weeks is nothing

Lucky summoning :sweat_smile:

Start training everything. Gather the starters and evolve them. Get all the free monsters (chronox, choco, skyther, Clio, etc) then you’ll be able to see what moves monsters have and how they can assist each other


Any better?

What starters? I was able to get 1 to start.

Under monster hunting from the online section.


What should I do first? I’m currently doing story quests and raiding training points

Go get yourself a Galvbane

What’s that

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It’s the final form of the electric starter. You can get one for free and it is super versatile as a Front Line monster. :+1:

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