Help me make better team to beat special/ultimate events

I can’t get past lv 70 in ultimate challenge and have hard time in super challenge & survival of the fittest.  so please help me make better team.  I don’t know much so I just use in terms of raw power and try to win.


  1. Dragaia

  2. Nightrider

  3. Ultimadragon

  4. Chronox (4*)

  5. Crysdrake

  6. Bovolk (5*)

Super Elite:

  1. Frozgant

  2. Revan

  3. Destructor / Coldheart

  4. Acolight

  5. Pyrokaizer / Pegasion

  6. Magmaraptor

  7. Golgemios

  8. Subzeratops / Georex / Pyroviper

  9. Esapidon

  10. Freezard / Elyseon

  11. Vulcarexis

  12. Fossilbeak

  13. starters (all)


  1. Clioseraph

  2. Beetlebrave

  3. Sanctoise

  4. Desiosaur

  5. Jumboid

  6. Darkbuck

  7. Gizaguard

  8. Bloodblade

  9. Yetiking

  10. Pterabolt

and bunch of other stun monster when they die or sacrifice themselves. 

try with a start of ultimadragon, rhinobrawl and puffoxin try to use freezard/elyseon to get unwanted friends on and knockback the worst monster, and just try to get rid of as much as you can andfinish it with dragaia. maybe mix in revan with some stun to use death sentence double in the middle.