Help me build my team please(Any input welcome, just not getting egg monster first evolutions.)

Here are my monsters can anyone help me make a structured strategy any monsters to evolve any strategy and up to 164 cost. I put it here because on the build my team forum there are LITERALLY NO RESPONSES and also I want to get input from more than just F2P Zard.

Sorry I am being slow, I have a bunch of requests I have been going through and you have a hard set of legends.

You have like half of quite a few strategies but your monster pool is really awkward to work with. The way I see it you havery 2 options.

One route would probably be a front line of something like rexkong, nightrider, snowhulk and gearhound. You can take out any threats with kong, life flip and then rebuild to get night off of HG. You do need a stun at 5th slot and maybe if you drop another stun at 6 you could have warca at 7. After that just follow a pattern of 2 sweepers and 1 stun absorber/stun immune give turn and you’re good.

The other route is to take a counter front with rexkong, galvbane, shadowyrm and kamiwyrm. This lets you lead into motor at 5 and then pretty much whatever you want. I would say go something like motor > celestrion > poison massacre > poison massacre > terrordragon > solariel > archwolf > nightrider > gearhound.

The first team is better at pve, the second is better at pvp. Also try and use as many of your legends as you can, with the exception of warca they’re all pretty good (although I haven’t tried the buffed Sanctallion yet)
And yes, I know this is the wrong section, so this is the only time I’m answering one of these. Posting here is not going to suddenly make me answer all of them. I was just feeling generous this morning.

Just so you know

Rebuild can only be used on Snow itself.

Oh my bad
Swap out the snowhulk for archwolf then

Rebuild doesn’t give much HP back either.

I acknowledge that this is why I want to take other input