Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Sanjar - I live in the UK, however I was born in Kazakhstan. (And I am now guessing everyone will refer to the movie Borat… - Which was in fact filmed in Romania and not Kazakhstan so we are nothing like the movie represents us to be!)

Anyway, a few general things about me. I make websites, run forums and play games ^^ - I love cycling and playing football. I also like reading! 

I joined the series only about 6 months ago, when I saw Dragon Island on the app store top 100 (I think) and decided to download it. After a few days, I was addicted to it! and now, I can’t wait for the release of Hunter Island.

Anyway, hope to see everyone around on the forum ^^

Hey man, welcome to the forum :smiley:

Hello! Thanks for registering and welcome to the forum! Seeing as you are one who actually makes forums, your input on how the forum is running is very much appreciated!

Welcome to this most wonderful community of hunters! Look forward to seeing you around on the forums.

Hi, and thanks,

I will make sure to put some input over the coming weeks about this forum :slight_smile:


Look forward to seeing you around

Welcome to you Sanjar. :slight_smile: