Hello All

Hi, I’m Jason.

I’m a game developer. I am looking to start my own game development company with a few friends. 

I’ve been indirectly beta testing Hunter Island all this time because my sister, Ashley, was a beta tester. So I’ve gotten to play it as well. 

Now that the game is released, I thought I’d make an account on the forum. If you want to see more about me, look at my profile page. 

Hope to get to know you all :slight_smile:


Hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to see you around

Welcome to the forums.

Hope to see you around.

Welcome Jason! What kind of games are you interested in developing?

Hi Jason! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

And ah, I see you like debating! So do I. It’s very interesting to me!

Welcome Jason! What kind of games are you interested in developing?

My imagination is the limit! Basically, I’d like to develop anything I find to be fun. I’ve been a very avid gamer throughout my life, so I’ve come to like quite a few types. I’ll develop everything from simple, casual games to hardcore MMORPG-style games (eventually). I’m not quite at the MMORPG level yet - only been game programming for 2-3 months now. Though, I’ve been programming in general for a few years now. 

And ah, I see you like debating! So do I. It’s very interesting to me!

I like a nice brain workout :slight_smile: (and, of course, the chance to learn new things). 

Welcome to the forum Jason!  We are getting a lot of game developers here. :slight_smile:

That’s great! Wonder if any of them use Unity…

Ah, Unity! I know that program and my favorite PC game is made with it as well.

Do you know how to use Unity? Or produced something with it?

It’s my engine of choice. I’m working on about eight different games with it right now, but haven’t released any yet because I haven’t finished them yet.

I think the team here that makes Hunter Island should switch to Unity, since they just added full 2D support in the 4.3 update. 

Eight? Wow, that’s quite a lot! :slight_smile: You should really give us a call when you finish one, and good luck with it!

I use unity, though i think the devs bare bone code this game.

I think it’s good to know how to bare bone code a game (college and Game Institute are helping me out here), but I think for production purposes it’s not good to code that way. 

As they say… why reinvent the wheel? Now, sure, you may want some more fine control over the low-level details of the game that you can’t get with Unity. That’s actually not super likely, since:

  1. Unity’s API provides functionality exactly as you would need it.

  2. You can bare bone code the parts you want to bare bone code in Unity. You only use the parts of Unity you want to use, the rest you can do with pure C#.

However, if you’re a well-established company, you can purchase a Unity source code license and have access to the full engine source code. Then you can take the invented wheel and modify it how you want to! 

Which is why i like unity, but to each their own.

Absolutely. But nothing wrong with giving suggestions :) 

No, not at all :slight_smile: