Has anything happened? I missed Neo Monsters for a whole year

Anything changed at all??

Welcome back :blush:

Waifus are everywhere
A restriction list has been brought in and most people think it sucks
DLGZ turned out to be modding for more gems and they got banned
Sleep now sets you back by 50 secs instead 130 or whatever it was

That’s all I can think of right now :blush:

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Some dumb banlist appeared.

Sleep is dead and apparently no one uses it.

Stun still dominant.

Some new cancerous creature called GARDEN FAIRIES are added into game that will chew through your entire team unless you build one to specifically counter them.

Dlgz got hit by Justice.

Former stars like dusi/floc reworked. Dusi been made better and floc out of sight.

A really fun thing called shrine appeared. The best stuff this year. A great chance for f2ps. Every 15 days you can get upto 560 free gem if you saved 500 before.you offer her total 560gems and yoy get 1.2-2x the gems you offered. A huge deal that will take you over 1000 in a month.

Puzzle island back.

Mark got a buff. And all 50tu sweepers have now 60 tu moves.

Old monster like wraithhost and tridrakhan have been heavily buffed


This sums it up far better. Spot on.

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“Rock lock” has emerged as a new viable PvP strategy. It’s particularly tough to recover from this one if your team isn’t specifically built to counter it. The key monster in this strategy is called Lunactia, who can swap 3 enemy monsters for rockoids.

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Everyone is summarising it well and getting some of the forum/community stuff too but just want to put it out there how I add to a thread with every update so we have a history of all that changes: KD's Version update history - #9 by Killerdog (this sends you to the 2021 updates)

Kd is close to 5000 gems this year

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I got Sacrumega after five singles two weeks ago :•D


Clan wars was added
You came send direct messages in game now
A few super epics got buffed to legendary status


You forgot to tell him that they gave Stun Counter to Arborgias


There’s this new thing called the fortune shrine which triples your monthly gem income if you save to 500 gems. For some reason there are people who don’t save to 500 gems even though they’ve have gotten like 1k extra gems by now if they did.


Honestly though I don’t understand it either, all you do is treat 500 as 0 and you get at least 2-3 packs for doing absolutely nothing every 2 weeks


True save those for 2 months and u will have enough for awakening with a decent luck while hatching.
Personally that’s what I am going to do save for like 2-3 months and then awaken exocross

I use it! But he definitely got crushed with that last nerf

I honestly thought your comment was going to be about the fact you got 1

And in a weird way, I’m disappointed :joy:


time to come back to the game.

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oh god. I regret wasting my 100 gems on packs…

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U can go share your regret in the club created for those who haven’t yet used the 500 shrine


I want ur friend code :expressionless:

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