Happy Cake day

Happy Cake day to one of the OG’s,I personally watch how I speak to him cause I am afraid of banning :sweat_smile: Honestly one of the coolest and kindest guys on the face of Planet Earth

Always ready to help, gives logical and true opinions,creater of the tier list, Created the analysis in the monsterdex,moderator,Good sense of humour and has his own YT channel

Happy cake day to the killer of dogs :sweat_smile: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

P. S When can we see new Videos?


Big respect to KD. He’s done a lot for our clan.

He taught Sherlock how to tie his shoelaces and even though he struggles from time to time he’s soooooo patient with him. Incredible.

He got Raghnius his first book. It’s only got pictures, which just goes to show how well KD knows Raghnius and how considerate he is of everyone’s ability.

He taught Tanbeer his first pick up line. Something about Don Rilla walking into a bar and uses Ice Breaker.

He taught BVN how to brush BOTH of his teeth.

He sent Keets some meds in the post to stop the itching.

Not to mention he sends a Christmas card to Arkile’s 11 step dads every year!

He taught Sherox how to hold his crayons AND stay within the lines!!

And he taught Krispy Bacon how to flirt with Vegans.

On top of all that, he helps the newbies, makes guides and videos, protects the world from Gary and kicks ■■■ at Neo.

KD, since you said I usually give you grief, for your birthday I’ve roasted everyone except you :partying_face::blush:


LOLOLOLOLOLOL :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


LMAO, @LemonSqueezy Got more meat to throw on the grill :joy:



Any way you can swap your cake for chocolate?

happy day of cake symbol waifuhunter

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When is my cake day @EMI_Pride

I dont want cake, I just want BM videos


Limitless! :joy:

Thanks a lot for the entertaining posts! That’s the kind of stuff I love to read :slight_smile:

They’re in the works! I’ve been split between multiple things, as always, but should have videos starting to come out somewhat regularly next month. If you go look at the tier list thread at the moment you’ll actually see it’s partially updated but not fully. Even just moving the monsters around and adding the new ones takes over an hour, so I did a bit but need to finish it off.

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also happy day of cake @squinty1880 - theres irony here…


Squinty and I eat cake together far more than people would guess!


every year, in fact!

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