Killerdog Anniversary

@Killerdog after another year on the forum:


I can’t see my cake? Why do people say I have cake??


It’s not yet, its tomorrow, but I couldnt wait to post this.

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Oh yeah, it is. I think I get my cake on March 7th though… because that’s when they upgraded the forum to Discourse (or something like that). I actually lurked the forum for a while before creating an account so don’t know when I first came here

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says november 23, 16 X(

Thanks for all the contributions man, you’re a big help none the less, your posts and info really help the community.




le cake is there mwhaha

Ayyyy congrats to u Dawg

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Lmao and here I thought it was a thread about someone complaining how lucky he was on the anniversary banner :joy:

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Lol yeah it definitely could be a thread like that! Good thing I hid how few gems it took me to awaken Bastia :wink:

Thanks guys for the unexpected thread and kind words. I hope to make this next year one where I put more effort into guide writing. I had big ambitions but then never pulled through because I got side-tracked by monster analysis; the gargantuan task that is has made me less productive. I’ll be doing a gem spending guide soon and this next year will definitely make a very useful and comprehensive team building guide, as well as maybe another one or two additions. I’ve spent hours these last few days analysing and creating things for my annual review of the monsters (all those from the 6th year of the game), which I hope you enjoy!

So yeah, unexpected speech from me too I guess. Eat cake and have fun!


Actually, because I’m in good spirits, here’s a sneak preview…

Sneak preview
Tier Myths PvE Myths PvP Legs PvE Legs PvP SEs PvE SEs PvP Es PvE
S+ cowgirl gfwhite mothg FunnydshieldmoncrystalwrPGFcwpurple FunnydshieldmonoarfurcrystalwrthunderwolfDinoshark
S OnicowgirlBatgirl orcagmermaid manticoreangeldo FFYdragonfd03lavacobragfwhiteflowerfb ghostfuroarfurcwblue ghostfurcwblue
S- orcag Batgirl ninjawmothgGoldWD manticoreangeldofishsking03octopusd thunderwolfhappydyfanpea PGFcwbcwyellowgentleofanpea firebug3wizfrogleafypur
A Goldend redfairyOniwolfghorsegserpentw lavacobraGeometricfishsking03octopusd ninjawForestdoGeometricbigmlflowerfb crystalwgcwbcwyellow crystalwghappydy
B birdgirlserpentw robothyoniteachersheepnurmouseg flowerfbTreecthur GoldWDthunderdol
C redfairymermaidstainedgdhorseg butterflygGoldendbirdgirl FFYdragonfd03ffredcannonbur ffredCrystalddur Dinoshark
D wolfgmouseg catidol Crystalddur cannonburflowerfb crocourgargourdragonbirdgentleo crocourgargourdragonbird
E oniteacherbutterflygadorndarkmousecen greenelfstainedgdmousecen ForestdoHCDurthunderdolflowerfbflowerfb HCDurTreecthur heavyrour heavyrour
F greenelffennecrobothycatidolsheepnur fennecadorndark bigml

It’s all the monsters that came out in 2021, showing where they are in the tier list at the end of the year (now).


Damn it, now i gotta go do some peculation :rofl: :rofl:

You can change your cake day

Same here. I always say that I first started looking at the forum in 2018, but after looking at the pre-discourse version on the way back machine, I feel almost certain that I had looked at it long ago(~2013-2014). I’m not sure*, as I only have a few scattered memories, but it is interesting

*Edit: After some looking around the forum, I’m about 90% sure that I did, in fact, visit the forum at least once around 2014, as I have found an old topic which pretty closely matches my memories




After running her, I’d say Christine is S++++ KD

Congrats on your anniversary btw!


Of course my anniversary is the same day as @Killerdog’s


Know the feeling

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I got my cake from a guy in a van, but still, know the feeling

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