Grinding out levels?

I am here level 32 at the moment is there something i should be doing to grind out levels and to what level should I grind? Also is this the only community for Neo Monsters?

The line chat on the line app is the biggest community. Most of the veteran players are on that. If you get the app someone can invite you to it

I do have the line app, where would I get an invitation?

Just tell us what your line ID is, and someone will invite you to the group. Slight warning, the title of the group can be changed freely by anyone, so if you get invited to a group called something like “DBZ fanboys”, then don’t worry about it. That’s still the group you want. 

For grinding, you want to go to online missions, chapter 4, shadow temple, last mission. It’s 271 exp per ticket, best ratio you’ll ever find. It’s also incredibly convenient for grinding, because the whole frontline is vulnerable to stun, and there’s zero stun on their side. The strategy I used is Soulstealer, Warca, Galliodragon and Frostrider with Solariel in fifth, which really should speak for itself. If you don’t have them, that’s fine. It’s a quite easy mission with or without them, and friend monsters will always be there to help. My code is 67801378 if you want to rock my Chromera :wink:

Alright thanks, so story progression it is, and my line id is ‘kinghasarrived28’