Good old times

Write your best story in the comments below.

Mine was when pvp first come out give turn was not limited to 5 turns so you would just give turn to another give turn monster and repeat the process untill they quit those were the days.

I only remember getting to floor 40 on my first DC like 30 min before it ended, i had already give up a while ago but i just tried right at the end and did it.
I have another one but this one happend last pvp, i was against micheal N, he got me with SS and DSA, when it triggered he had high TU on everyone and the match went from micheal having the advantage by 4 monsters to him having 3 left. Terror freaking rules!!! (GG by they way bro)

My best story so far was:

In UC (forgot what was the event monster but I think that was 2 UC ago)

it is really my first time reaching on Rank 45-48 when i was (F2P Keb)

then only a little hour before event ends I am really securing my spot (haven’t slept for almost 2 days & 2 nights)

just to have my very own 1st Crown.

Then suddenly it was 1:00am on our time almost 6 hours before that UC ends (was Rank 47 at that time)

then i fell asleep but i did set my alarm at 3:00am & 5:00 am to wake up and check my Rank. . . 

and suddenly my alarm on my phone didn’t trigger and then pooooop!!!

I wake up at 6:00am (1 hour before event ends)

and my tickets was really full and I am at Rank 50.

then on my bad luck i haven’t won even a single match on my 5 tickets (Level 471 on UC)

then I am at Rank 51 (0 tickets & a few minutes) so there’s nothing I could do but to stay quiet…

but you know who got my spot on Rank 50???

It was my buddy TFA Cypher xD ( I was F2P Keb at that time )

and after that LOST i planned to have my own clan (TFA Clan with my buddy TFA Cypher and TFA Nightfurry)

so now we are here getting bigger and better…

and Last UC I manage to have my very 1st Crown. . .

It was a good story atleast for me though *_*

My best story is when I found my first legend, Soulstealer. There were no eggs in the nest but there was the roulette and I saw the indicator stopping right before the legend slot, then it sprang up to the legend slot and my eyes just opened like a stupid child that gets the Christmas gift he wants. When SS came out of the egg I was like: OMG I’M GONNA CONQUER THE WORLD!!

Luckly, I hatched my first legendary, Shadowhunter from the second egg in the very beginning of the game(the egg system was slot machine). Unfortunately, I didn’t have any other legend after that until I reached Hero Rank around 70…

I miss the time I fought with Shadowhunter. She is always my favorite legend. My team was pretty bad that moment, either online or offline story gave me a lot of trouble. But it was also very fun to make the best out of the team with a legend and bunch of rare, epic monsters.

it was not good but my sad story
my 3 acc was banned all have 2 leg😢

My best moment was when I downloaded neo on the Ipad as a second account to find Penguini and it came out at the 10th try. Never felt so lucky ahahah ( oh, and yesterday I hatched him on my first account too eheh)

For me was probably when I was fighting hidan. The moment when he let me get a one on one off with a SE thrower when my whole team was poisoned. Then proceeded to win.

I posted my monsters in the rate/build my team topic in search of help way back when, idk 6-7 months ago or something. and wahab reached out and helped me construct a team and told me about general ways to setup monsters and how to use specific strategies etc. ever since then i’ve gotten more and more involved in the strategy side of things instead of the spam aoe that i did before i knew any better. now i’ve got 4 crowns and have a solid foothold in the top 50 pvp. shoutout to you wahab :slight_smile:

I remember the good old time… when I rolled a legendary.

My favorite part is when I got dolpheonix… My first legendary… After 3 months and rank 55… So then after ahead… I became notorious on this forum for being Derpy Dolpheonix… I miss that account… I really do

I gave my account to a friend since i got this new one and he rolled a dolpheonix on his first rare gems

I rolled a Dolpheonix as my second legendary.
Recently he won me the last scb level

Last Christmas festival. Got three legends from 5 eggs in my alt. Also received 5 free gems later because one of them was Warca.

hatched darkslyther as my first egg  &  i got dragaia as my second. my best rerolling so far & now i’m on rank 95 with 13 legends :slight_smile:

Will there be an event for Christmas?