Getting stunned

Why do some monsters get stunned for longer then others

Can you add an example like the TU that was added to each monster?

If a monster has the pasive stun absorver it will absorve all the stuns that the teammates gets, so if someone do stunning entrance (80 sec stun) agaisnt your team this monster will get stunned for 320 secs

No not like that i had a seaviper and a dolphoenix the Seaviper was going to attack before dolphoenix but an enemy with stun revenge died and at the same time and enemy with stunning entrance came on to the battle field and both Seaviper and dolphoenix got stunned but Seaviper got stunned for longer then dolphoenix so dolphoenix got to attack before Seaviper.
Has this happened to anyone else?

sorry I can’t remember

Met this problem before. It should be a bug.