Getting pass Grand Four

Guys can you guys give me tips about getting pass Lord Tardel II? I lost to him twice so I hope you guys could help. Thanks!

Post your team,I can suggest what you can use

Here it is

I think i would use octovine after Venodrake, so i’ll do poison massacre easily. Also,you can add Vegitiger in your team before the poison monsters because of its poison revenge.

You should use venodrake a bit earlier,preferable 5/6
I don’t remember his team,That was long back so I can’t help much without it.
Spam poison massacre after veṇof rake comes in,You also got zephy so u can use team turn and use poison massacre again.
That should at least take out 4 monsters
You can remove chronos and add death revenge monster if You got one and try your luck with death roulette(if u find it impossible to defeat him)

Grand Four: Lord Howard Tardell II: The Baron of Trembling Earth

His lineup is as follows:

  • Arborgias
  • Sandalot
  • Spiderix
  • Vegikhan
  • Chainhorn
  • Pharoguard
  • Skyblossum
  • Vilegrin
  • Panzershell
  • Islandoe
  • Cobraking
  • Gigasect
  • Rosaqueen
  • Mossogoliath
  • Mecharex
  • Brakioquake

My number 1 suggestion is always try to keep yourself leveled up high enough and try to have at least 3-5 monsters fully evolved. Now the monsters don’t have to be Legendary, they just need to be fully evolved. :slight_smile:

Next, based on your current lineup and his lineup I think it’s best to have a strong AoE monster, a purifier/healer, and utilize a poison/stun team. So, I’ll post the first 5 monsters that you could use based off the picture you posted.

Team 1






Team 2



Any of the 4 starter monsters


Bane (followed by some poison monsters)

Team 3






Also, the four starters are really useful as ending monsters but they need a lot of support from their team to survive. You’ll need at least one purifier and healer on the team. Because Vegikhan will have poison revenge and Arbo will have sleep all. And you’ll need to survive his mid team. You want to get rid of Sandalot first then either Arbo or Vegikhan. If Arbo uses Twin Death Sentence you don’t want it to go off. If it doesn’t use that ability then you might be good. If you have any other questions on team formations please try this.

Also, if you would like to visually see how to beat this team try watching this video by TapGameplay.  [vid]

Hope this helps!