Gems Price

Hi, is there any reason that you increased the price of gems? It was 1499$ for 150 gems before, I’m talking about Mexican pesos.

Now I can’t definitely afford them.

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You sure about that? Because if that was the case, either the Mexican peso has fallen down a lot in value or there was an inconsistency with the prices. Even 1999$ is less than 79.90€ which is the price in my store.


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The price is same as 4900 INR in my store too as @Exu . I think either Mexican or American government has increased taxes levied on online transactions resulting in price hike

Just did a quick search… Mexico introduced a new tax for transactions of this kind to overseas companies on June 1st this year. Not sure if this is the main factor or whether ZigZaGame did something.

The price of gems with £ remains the same for me.

I just checked its price against a couple of other currencies and it seems to have a relative price of about 1.15x which is almost identical to the 16% tax they added in June. Are you sure it wasn’t $1750 before this increase?

You are INDIAN bro?

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These are the prices I had before:

Now I have these:

Could you help me?
@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Definitely ukulele

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We haven’t changed any prices.
This would have been an Apple/Google change and we can’t do anything about it.