Increased gem prices

They are so much higher now really? Atleast notify us…

I haven’t seen this? Still 150 for £60 here in the UK i.e. 30 spins for £60 or £2 a spin

Also in the UK, same here.

What country are you in? It might be an update that hasn’t rolled all the way around yet.

in Sweden they went up a little.

1 gem: 9kr>10kr (kr=swedish crowns)

6 gems: 36kr>40kr

13 gems: 78kr>85kr

48 gems: 279kr>299kr

74 gems: 389kr>429kr

150 gems> 789kr>849kr

note that I may recall slightly off on the higher old prices, but yes, they went up a bit.

after googling around a bit, it looks like apple recently (february) did price adjustments in 7 countries to keep up with the worth of US dollars, so it might be another case if that. last year they raised prices in eu due to individual contries taxes as well, so might very well be itunes at fault, and not zigzagames. Ill send a question to them about it.

Same price as before in Spain

Same price as before in the US

It must have to do with the exchange rate for your country.  Economists use the NeoMonster Gem price as a key indicator on the health of your economy. 

we didn’t make any changes, must be exchange rate related as you guys suspect. 

So all this time you guys in Sweden have been paying less for the same gems? That’s not right… I think the rest of us deserves some free gems for compensation now…

I can assure you that at least the two biggest packs haven’t changes when it comes to cost here in Sweden for at least a few months. (As long as I have played)

If you account for the change in value of the currency then they’ve probably spent the same amount as everyone else. Less money doesn’t mean less worth in this case.

Norway, 1 gem is now 11kr instead of 9. 150 gems is now 850kr instead of 750

That is Apple adjusting price tiers due to exchange rate fluctuations. We get no warning on this. Basically they let developers pick the price “tier” of products, and they decide how much each teir is in each country, so we have no control over that. Sorry!