Gems and Duds

Ok, so the old thread is from 2014 so I think it is safe to say we need a new one. What monsters do you think need more credit? And which ones do you think are way too weak?


Bunkerbeast: No one mentions this guy, and that is a crime. A great monster that works wonders as a seige weapon of sorts. One of my most valuable monsters

Virabbit(non-shiny): Recently found out many people don’t like this one. I have no idea why. Easy to get, and pretty strong

Saphireon: The best 2* first form for sheer power. Actually holds its own against epics, which is more than enough for me to put it on this list

Haniwel: Easily one of the best support monsters. Life flip all+hp sharing actually allows it to use a unique strategy I will discuss once Balancion’s Trials is over.

Revenwolf: The lowest rarity of something with Last Stand All. Has singlehandedly won many battles for me.

Charcalynx: Lowest stars to have bloodthirst, and it has decent stats to charge that up. Good for the early game.

Blossommight: A very good sweeper, and the monster that I used to beat Beritus. I like this one.

Sweetfeather: This might be a decent support, but for my first featured monster, I’m very disappointed.

Blurstrike: Low stats, bad moves, high speed won’t save it from being the worst epic.

Inferneowyrm: When there is a popular theory that you sold your soul to the devil to become stronger, you know you’re bad. Bad stats, bad moves, like Blurstrike but worse.

Electricheatah: So many people share this monster, and it isn’t that good. Also, it is really hard to ultra-evolve. One of the first two monsters you get, and it’s almost useless. Why?

Voltiger: When your stats are lower in Neo than in HI, you really are weak.

Shaofist: One-on-One is only useful if you’re strong, and this monster isn’t. Virtually useless.

Omegawyrm(Omegasdragon): You take the best arkadion in HI, the arkadion that is in my pfp because it was so strong, the arkadion with a bossfight harder than the final boss of the game, and you make it a legendary with poor stats and a poison moveset? Really? For shame, ZigZaGame. For shame

Let me know what your thoughts are on this list and what your own lists are. I’ll be excited to hear your ideas for both categories.


Bunkerbeast is fine

You need to add deez to the list of gems.

You can also add Jaguardian to gems list. Its double retribution and stealthbane are great for charging solo Bloodthirst. (I dont remember if its Bloodthirst or Bloodlust).

Yeah, but the point is that I’m listing underrated monsters, not good monsters. Everyone know that Jaguardian is good, or if they don’t, their idiots

Idk why you would expect krillin to be anything but a liability in a battle


You can’t rely on last stand in high level PvP. Electricheetah is better then Deathwarg imo

How bout my boii rhino brute. Death roulette anyone?

I too like to live dangerous.

Hey Gary, new meme unlocked!

I guess you are the one not seeing him because he is already well known and is acknowledged well enough.Also it’s solo bloodfury

Hey where are Charcalynx/Chainhorn? They’re respectively the only 2★ and 3★ monsters with Bloodcrave! I used them a lot in my early steps of the game.

Also I’d like to voice my support for Sweetfeather. Incredibly annoying, has a guaranteed and fast Sleep move that 100% puts the target to sleep and also Exit Plan to keep being annoying. Have I already said he’s annoying?

And also Gigantoid, Santabeast, Desiosaur and Elmowraith (same moveset, different element)

Hate that guy. It’s useful for as long as you fight against weak low-rarity monsters, after that he gets completely outclassed as a sweeper by basically everything that can kill anything.

Btw, if we’re talking about underrated monsters, it’s surely Phantomaiden. Never see her, but she hardcore kicks ■■■, one of the best 5★ sweepers as raw power.

You can find him in the wild early on though, when you are fighting low rarity monsters.

Actually didn’t know these existed.

The normal Virabbit just lacks something. It has too many conditions to be consistently useful (there has to be an earth monster, high TU etc…) and its options are not great. Certainly not helped by its defensive stats. The shiny one is much more interesting but I don’t want to spend tickets on it. Would be fun if there was an abysmal chance of catching a shiny one from the wild. I would definitely go for it.

Chronozeros is also underrated after the speed buff. Has potential to 1 shot at every turn, can spawn throw fodder, is stun immune, no weaknesses… That’s a hell of a combination. The only downside is that it’s difficult to get which I have complained about in the past but the speed buff makes it more worthwhile!

I also have to mention Lunartic, the silent bringer of doom. The invoker of despair himself. No more explanation is needed! I feel like he’s a little underrated tho.

In my opinion the best 2 star for sheer power is Hellataur, the Chad himself. One of the best killers in early game and 1 shots reliably. It deserves an evolution @Dev_VKC :eyes:

Electricheetah is kinda fine as it is. Bring him in for the stun, quick accelerate team, if no targets for protector killer just have someone backstab or cannibalise him. I would replace timestrike for chrono killer for some extra oomph but that’s my opinion.

And Sweetfeather… It’s one of my favourite IC monsters. Would love to have it for some interesting entrance control. Definitely a good legendary that has the potential of turning the tide of a game.

Some more duds:

-Megaiasloth is just bad now… Poor thing got hit way too hard by the AP nerf and isn’t viable in this high speed meta.

-Deeragon. The worst 2nd form mythic and for a good reason.

-Bazilogon and Warca. Even though Warca got buffed, both of those legendaries are still somehow worse than Captain Whiskers.

-Balancion. Just the definition of a benchwarmer for me.

-Captain Canine. Just bad in every way. Even RAW bloodcrave can’t save it.

-Last Biters. Old farts that need some CPR to bring them back to life.

-Tridrakhan. Still needs a buff to become a legitimate option.

-Albakhan. One of my favourite legends with little outdated moveset, just too easy to kill.

-Equimaris. Rapid entrance, just why??? What’s the point?

-All the 5 star poison massacrers. Meh, meh and meh…

-All the 5 star monsters with throw and one on one… The moveset on these is like the moves were in a bowl and Devs just pulled out random ones and slapped them on those poor fellas.

Could probably go on but these sprung to mind.


Very much appreciated. I tried not to talk about ones I hadn’t gotten/ones I only had in 1st form, but if you think they they need a slot., I may add them.