Gem shrine and festival eggs

Just wondering when they will come next time so i can be sure not to waste gems trying to get Maggatsuoh if festival eggs come soon :sweat_smile:

Got 580 gems rn and wonder if i should spend 80 to try and get Maggatsuoh

Thanks in advance! :blush:


It’s not worth doing trust me


Okay , thanks :blush: ! So i wait for Festival eggs i guess :laughing:

So , do you know when shrine and festival eggs will come again :open_mouth: ?

Shrine is likely to come on 14/15. It is generally coming 2 times a month. Try to save 500 gems for most benefit. Anniversary should be coming next month - so please don’t spend any gems till then. Nothing will beat the offers on hatching of eggs during anniversary.


Thanks for helping me guys !

Really appreciate it :smiley: !!

Would be really hard figuring the game out without you guys :blush:

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