Gem sale

Hi guys. I was thinking of buying 74 gems for the current gem sale for ultra evolution materials, lvl 5 reward box seems juicy to me since i’m pretty new into the game and it give 3 of everything including moaliths and one oncario. My team ain’t really that strong yet as i’m rank 41 and struggleing with the team cost. So I was thinking if I should Invest in that or could there be a better gem sale for christmas? Any thoughts?

Tbh my opinion . I didn’t think that gem is deal near to be good in any way. It’s okish if you really need those ingredients but all those are collectable during a period of time. It’s a just an opportunity to speed things up. I have started in May or June 2018 and I was struggling as well with having not all ingredients for all my legends I got from rare gems and 2x gem deals. But I have learned to live with the situation and made the best out of it. I was forced to learn more about my monsters evolution and their skills. With the time I have collected most things and now I have more than necessary.

TLDR: if you ask me: I would recommend you to invest in 2x gem deal and spend those gems on good festivals where you have the chance to get good limited monsters already for 1st, 3rd 10 package

Well thank you for your fast reply, I guess you’re right about the 2x gem, it seems way better after all, even tho I feel like I could use all those materials I could just farm them over time aswell, the only thing that seems difficult for me to get atm are those extra rare evolution materials as moaliths and other stuff, but I guess i’ll be able to get those things later on.

Well you are free to purchase them. You support the game developer as well with it. If you have patience wait. If you need it immediately because you have many legends which are not evolved to ahead and buy it