Gem Price Sales

saw this from a few posts and decided to make a separate topic for this

it would be nice if the devs could do this especially when festival eggs come round the corner, it would attract more of your player base to do so. Ideas could price cuts could be around 30% for special egg releases, and then 40, maybe even 50% cuts for festival eggs. I’m sure you guys could at least do this as at this current moment, despite being a long time spender, the prices are too high for what you get given in return

30% wouldn’t motivate F2P to spend, 60% would be my personal barrier from where I would start thinking about spending for a little chance to draw a legendary

50 gems for £5 and I might just consider spending on the game, Ideallly £3 for 50 gems. Otherwise I prefer to continue supporting console games that give you (mostly) a finished product for a fixed fair price.

Another solution:

Sales on gems AND

Sometimes sell the actual legendaries directly, not just through eggs. How to prevent the legendaries from appearing everywhere? Sell a limited quantity.

How to give other players who didn’t get one of the limited quantities? Well they can spin eggs.


I would put a lot of time, effort, and money into getting a revanarchion. Seriously.

Devs, if there is 1 thing you can do to solve all your problems then this is it.

XD Im surprised you agree with me.

I have to say,  whether the game goes in the good direction is up to the Devs, whether or not they will take these suggestions. At the moment, it’s crystal clear that they aren’t listening. How unfortunate because there are a lot of good ideas out there that can make this game really really good.

I honestly don’t get it. Maybe we are missing out on something but it seems like a very simple business model:

1- Make prices fair
2- Money should be a way of speeding up how you get the rewards, not a gamble nor the only way of getting them.
3- It’s better to have a million people spending $1 than ten people spending $100k. It’s all about keeping the community growing and players happy, especially the ones who can’t/won’t spend much. What’s the point of having a handful of people spending a lot and dominating the game? The f2p players will lose interest, then the spending players will get bored because they won’t have too many players around to actually compete.
4- It’s a freaking game, stop treating it as if it was a Casino. If I wanted to gamble I would actually bet and get real money as rewards.
5- Reward players for their hard work and time spent playing the game.

It seems simple enough, but maybe I just don’t know any better.

My issue with the game right now is that you can’t spend to get a satisfying experience. Fix that and I will be happy.

Your ideas perfectly match up with that. So I agree with you.

I suggest a bunch of us pm tyler with our ideas.

The devs do listen in regards to monster balance. They nerfed gazer. They made chrono killer in response to legend TT issues, and they buffed valsareign. So at least they somewhat listen to us.