So after some good success with my pulls from this festival (geartyrant,chronotitan,valz,sphinx-2)
Tier list says Gear is S+ for PVE but im struggling to see how he would fit into my team??
Also i dont know if this is a bug but Chrono wont let Shurikaizer use his stunt double to leave the field even tho it doesnt affect chrono??
I need some help building my team again. Thanks for the suggestions. Here is my current lineup

image image image

Chronotitan has only unmovable, not gravity field. So you should able to use stunt double as long as an enemy is not having gravity field. I am pretty sure that your enemy had gravity field since I haven’t faced this issue yet ( I have them both as well )

Why is ur flutter blue just 1 spot away from bitterbeast ?! :thinking:

Good point i will move him somewhere else
But where

Ya i tried it again and the skill worked fine

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From your leoronix to flutter green , ur team is vulnerable to stun… somewhere in there ?

Back to my original question. What makes Gear so good and do i have the mons to make a better team with him?

Place him by your sleep mons sleep the incoming enemies, then before they wake up they die to death sentence, very easy combo with goldtail but you can make yours work for pve

As Dslavin said. You pair geartyrant with sleep monsters. A sleep usually set enemies to 320s so they will die to Gears death sentence before they are able to wake up. Goldtail is hard to get but there are some budget sleepers with a 70TU medium chance sleep ability. Stunning was an option but with lowering some stun effects plus the recent adding of a lot stun counter sleep is still the way to go

Would sleep bombers be better? Since i dont have a lot of decent sleepers
The front line i have now maybe take out leo for gear? Chrono bombs the front line with the help of sleep bomb then next line comes in and gets sleep bombed again rinse and repeat…

Just pair him with epic sleep bombs.

First use the epic stun/sleep bomb

Into epic sleep bomb and chain them from there.

The only problem would be angelo.

Its would also be good to put in fast monsters with skills like knockback and repulse to give you time to setup sleep lock and control the flow of the game. I know there are a few good SE that do it just dont remember their names.

Dual dragon is good and i do have some SE knock backers

He’s the repackaged SE Mal :wink:

Yeah a bit late for that bro… try to pay attention to the dates plz.

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